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Sai Medical Camp Fiji – 2018

The Sathya Sai Medical Units of Australia and Fiji carried out their twelfth annual Medical Camp in Fiji from 12 – 18, August 2018. A large team of professional and supporting volunteers administered to the needs of a considerable number of people seeking medical assistance. Supplementary to the camp were conferences and a workshop organised for the benefit of Fiji medical and dental professionals and students.

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Overseas Activity of Sai Medical Unit

groupThe Sai Medical Unit has despatched medical goods and arranged for members to undertake medical service activity in overseas locations.

You may read reports detailing the history of the Sai Medical Unit below:

Tsunami Medical Aid to Sri Lanka

Sathya Sai Baba Organisation has centers in 157 countries world-wide. For administrative purposes, the Organisation is divided into worldwide zones and has regions in those zones. Sri Lanka falls into the same zone as Australia. International relief for the 26 December Tsunami and subsequent earthquakes in the region has followed the Relief Response Pathway. This pathway has three stages, incorporating but not limited to:- immediate aid and assessment; recovery aid, and long term rehabilitation and recovery service.

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Sri Lanka Medical Camps

Joint UK-Australia Sai Medical Camp took place in 14 March 2005. Areas visited included northern Sri Lanka, at Dr Ponnapalam Memorial Hospital on Puthukudyuiruppu, Mullaithivu.

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First Foray to Fiji, with New Zealand

fini1During 2007, a two week medical camp was provided to Fiji with over 40 medical and allied personnel participating. Volunteers from Australia, New Zealand and the USA participated and provided free medical care.

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History of Fiji Neurological Seva

Fiji has no Neurological Unit

The Fijians do not have a neurosurgical service or a dedicated neurologist. They have a CAT Scanner and radiologist at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital in Suva.

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