Activity in Australia

Blood Donation

Human beings have 5-6 litres of blood in each of them, always. Out of which if one donated blood, about 200 to 300 ml of blood is drawn at a time from a volunteer. This gets replaced in volume within 15-20 minutes, and the blood cells take a day or two to reform.

The Service Wing along with Sai Young Adults coordinates regular blood donation in concert with the Red Cross Blood Bank. More information is found on the Sai Australia Website.

Ayurvedic Awareness Retreats

Retreats are conducted on an annual basis in different states. There are Ayurvedic Awareness contact personnel in each state. Workshops have been held for Sai devotees and other interested groups to aware of the discipline of Ayurveda. To date, workshops have been held in Perth, Gold Coast – Queensland and Sydney.

Medical and Dental Camps

Visit to Toomelah Community – 23 November 2003

Medical Team personnel
3 Doctors
1 Medical student
1 Medical technician
4 Nurses
4 volunteers

Dental Team Personnel
2 Dentists
1 Dental Nurse
4 volunteers

Total number of people who expressed interest in attending the Medical and Dental screening program was 126, male to female ratio was similar in each group except in the age group 20 to 29 years where females were 50% more. The number of people who arrived for medical screening was 67 with a similar number for dental screening.

Women’s Health Education

Combined Teams from NSW and Queensland.
Theme: Preventive Medicine
Asthma Education
Womens Health
Diabetes Education
Preventive Dental Education
Asthma Education for Children

Overseas Activities

The Sai Medical Unit has despatched medical goods and arranged for members to undertake medical service activity in overseas locations.

You may read reports detailing the history of the Sai Medical Unit below: