Report on the Medical Camp Fiji – 2019

Report on the Sai MediCare Camps of the Sai Medical Units of Australia and Fiji.

12th to 16th August 2019, a Zone 3 Activity.


Fiji, a country in the South Pacific, is an archipelago of more than 300 islands with an approximate population of 915,696 as of 1 January 2019.
With the blessings of the Founder, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the Sathya Sai Medical Units of Australia and Fiji carried out the thirteenth annual Medical Camp in Fiji between 12th and 16th August 2019 at Dreketi Central College and Korotari Arya Primary School in the rural areas of the Island of Vanua Levu, Fiji.

The planning for this service project commenced with the opening of online registration for willing participants on 23rd November 2018 and closed at the end of February 2019. Following this, a team was confirmed. In May 2019, Dr Gunu Naker, Dr Parvin Ishri, Lawrence Kissun and Dr Narendran Nadanachandran went to Fiji for a few days to organise or confirm:

  • Venues for camps and education workshop
  • Internal transport catering and accommodation for the team
  • Registration for medical personnel as required by law,
  • Custom clearance for equipment and materials required by the team for the camps
  • With Labasa Hospital and Community Health seniors, informing them of the camps and the intention to hold an education workshop targeted to Junior Medical Officers
  • Notifications to Local Community Health Centres and Local Police of the organised camps
  • Advertising for the camps in the news media with local papers and radio stations
  • Repairs for dental equipment

Dr Parvin Ishri and Anuraag Prasad travelled a few days ahead of the team to Labasa and Lawrence Kissun to Nadi to confirm that all preparations were in place for the team’s arrival to Fiji to ensure smooth running of the camps.

Most of the team from Australia travelled to Nadi on 10th August and flew to Labasa the next morning.

The Medical Team

8 Dentists, 1 Dental Prosthetist, 1 Retired Endodontist (Education),

22 Doctors, including: 1 Geriatrician, 1 Paediatrician, 1 Rheumatologist, 1 Infectious Disease specialist, 1 Emergency Physician, 1 Dermatologist, 1 Gynaecologist, 1 Psychiatrist, 1 Clinical Psychologist, 1 Mental Health Counsellor, 1 Surgeon, 2 Anaesthetists, 1 Neurosurgeon (retired), 7 GPs, 1 local medical officer (Fiji).

2 Pharmacists.

1 Physiotherapist.

7 Nurses

15 General Volunteers

4 Medical students from Australia and 20 senior students from the Umanand Prasad School of Medicine (UPSM), Saweni, Fiji.

The Camps

The camps were held at the Dreketi Central College on 12th & 13th August and at Korotari Arya Primary School on 14th & 15th August 2019.

1018 patients registered for the medical camps over the four days and received a total of 1775 consultations from the different disciplines.

(A detailed ‘Patient Statistics and Analysis, 2019 is available on request.)

The day starts with a morning prayer read by a student

The patient’s journey through the camp:

The patient experience starts by taking a token number and waiting for their turn for registration

During this time, the education team make patients aware about lifestyle changes, importance of exercise, Diabetes, Hypertension, personal hygiene, anxiety and stress management and also have segregated sessions for men’s and women’s health issues.

Following registration, the patient has their blood pressure and blood sugar level screened at the nurse’s station. After triage the patient is directed to one or more clinics depending on their needs.

The Nursing Station: roles of the nurses included: measuring blood pressure, checking blood sugars, weighing of children, wound dressings, syringing ears, ECG, set up injection areas

The Nursing Station: roles of the nurses included: measuring blood pressure, checking blood sugars, weighing of children, wound dressings, syringing ears, ECG, set up injection areas

General Medical Clinic

Having a follow up system in place is essential for any successful outcome for medical treatment. This was greatly facilitated by the presence of a medical officer, Dr Shristi, during the Dreketi camps and the referral pathway organised by Dr Narendran Nadanachandran through the hospital clinics and registrars.

Physiotherapy Clinic

With a Physiotherapist on the team, the doctors were able to refer several patients with musculoskeletal problems to him for education, preventative instruction and treatment.

The Mental Health and Stress Management Clinic

A total of 23 females and 10 males were seen over the 4 days of the camps.   Main presentations included: Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders and Relationship issues amongst others

A men’s’ group, comprising of about 27 attendees each day, was also facilitated by the Mental Health Counsellor, along with a male medical student. These male group attendees were seen to mostly have substance related disorders, somatoform disorders and relationship stressors.

(A comprehensive Mental Health and Stress Management clinic report, 2019, is available on request)

The Women’s Clinic

A total of 78 women had consultations over the 4 days of camps. Main reasons for attending the clinic were that the women wanted routine pap smears; some had infertility issues and some abnormal uterine bleeding amongst several others.

(Detailed stats available on request)

The Pharmacy

The Dental Clinic

The dental team saw a total of 324 patients over the 4 days and provided a total of 508 services.

An essential part of the dental service is prevention. Dr Martin focused on individual and small groups of patients to educate them on the importance of good oral hygiene and good dietary habits.

(A comprehensive dental report, 2019, is available on request)

The role of students .

General Volunteers

The Data collection team

15 General volunteers were assigned to different roles including, patient registration, data recording, catering, general organising etc. With meticulous planning, organising and execution of their tasks, the general volunteers worked in the background, allowing the medical personnel to perform their services.

Labasa Hospital Education Workshop

On Wednesday 14th August 2019, between 4:30pm – 9:00pm, at Labasa Hospital Conference room was organised by Dr Narendran Nadanachandran and the education committee. The teaching format of the workshop was Interactive, discussion–based teaching style:

Participants were assigned to each workstation according to their training position

The workshop was attended by a total of 40 people including 11 Final year medical students, 15 Interns, 5 Registrars, 3 General Practitioners and 5 Dentists from the hospital.

Various topics were presented and the education initiative was well received. CME points were approved for the participants of the workshop.

(A comprehensive report, 2019 can be obtained upon request)

Surgical Team

The surgical team was scheduled to work at Labasa Hospital from 12th -16th August. Unfortunately due to various unforseen operating theatre issues, the team was unable to operate on the last two days.

Operations performed included:
7 laparoscopic cholecystectomies (including one with Intra operative cholangiogram)
1 laparoscopy converted to open subtotal cholecystectomy

11 patients were seen in a clinic and 4 on the wards. Out of the 11 cases that were scheduled for operations, the team had an opportunity to complete 8 cases.

Sujatha explaining the action to student nurses in pink

The Surgical team shared knowledge with the local team in an encouraging way inviting exchange of information.

(A comprehensive surgical report, 2019 can be obtained upon request)

Visit by Dr Waqainabete, Minister of Health

On Thursday 15th August, Dr Waqainabete visited the camp at Korotari Arya Primary School.

Dr Waqainabete addressing a crowd of waiting patients
He then visited all the various clinics

Dr Waqainabete was very appreciative of the services provided by the team. Going forward he urged the organisation to consider a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Health.

Age Care Conference

A medical conference on Age Care was conducted at the University of Fiji Hall, Saweni Campus, Lautoka on 16th August for the local general practitioners and students. It was organised in conjunction with the Sai Medical Units of Australia and Fiji, Umanand Prasad School of Medicine and Health Sciences and The Fiji College of General Practitioners.

6 Presenters presented the following topics:

Dr Ketan Bhatt (Geriatrician); Delirium – a Geriatric emergency,

Vicgnesai Tharmarajah (Physiotherapist); Ageing Knees,

Dr Ramini Sivakadadchan (Psychiatrist) and Dr Hemalatha Jayaram (Clinical Psychologist); A Brief overview of late life Depression,

Dr Divya Karna (Emergency Specialist); Emergency Protocol for Coronary Syndrome and

Dr Shakti Gounden (Dentist): Dental issues as we age.

The conference was well attended with 20 doctors and medical students from all years. There was some good interactive discussion on the topics convened by Dr Rajat Gyaneshwar.

The Sathya Sai Medical Unit Australia acknowledges the valuable assistance provided by the following individuals and organisations:

1. Fiji Airways, Mr Humphry Jansz

2. Fiji Link,

3. MOH Fiji, Makereta, Manjula Lal

4. Tanoa Group of Hotels- Sky Lodge, Raj

5. Westin/Sheraton Samantha Elbourne 

6. Galaxy Apartments Labasa Ravi Deo, Rohinil Chand

8. Star Printery, Chauhan

9. Kirrawee Pharmacy VKhetia

10. Eastbrooke Medical Centre Carlton NSW, sandy, Julie, Simon, Andrew

11. Dalip Chand Bus service Rohinil Chand, Kunal

13. Sai Service Organisation Fiji, Dr Saras Nandan, Rajat Gyaneshwar & Mr Hamein Reddy

14. Vodafone Fiji, Parnil Chaudary

15. Tappoos Fiji, Harish Tappoo

16. Dreketi Central College, Mr Emosi, Mr Savenaca Vakacegu (Manager)

17. Korotari Arya Primary School, Mr Om Prakash Mr Naushad Ali (Head Teacher)

18. Hiralal and Sons, Naunit

20. UPSM and UOF, Dr Fred Merchant, Ms Nakisha Bi

21. Fiji College Of GP, Dr Bharatee Balram, Pradeep Singh

22.Apotex Pharma.  Anthony Antonios

23. Phamacor Pharma.  Linda Haran

24. Dr Reddys Pharma.  George Galey

25. Storz

26. Johnson and Johnson

27. Applied

28. Colgate Palmolive: Dr Naina  Kau

29. GC Australia

30. Henry Schein Halas

31. Iso Diamant, Mr Martin Arstet.

32. Dr Nadeem Sattar Divisional Dental Officer, Northern Health Services.

33. Mukesh Narsey  From Suva Fiji 

34. Chandra Pharmacy   

35. Medsafe Pharmacy

36. AFT Pharmaceuticals  

37. Care Pharmaceuticals  

38. Karen Sanof   

39. Mr Piyush Patel and team, Labasa

40. Mr Ralph Paligaru, Labasa

41. Mr Admond Chandra, HFC Bank

42. Ministry of Information, Fiji, Virendra Lal

43. Dr Ajesh Ishri, East Side Medical Centre, Bundaberg, QLD

44. Mr Payman, Eastside Pharmacy, Bundaberg, QLD

   45. ENT Technologies, Louise

   46. Inova Pharmaceuticals, Emma

   47. Nashuatec, Ajesh Nair

   48. Honourable Minister for health Dr Iferemi  Waqainbete

    49. DMO Labasa Dr Hariharasubramaniun Veeraraghvan 

   50. SDMO Labasa Dr Tiko Saumalua and public health team

   51. Ms Ulamila Dravou  Labasa 

   52. Mrs Santa Kissun,Labasa Hospita.

   53. Dr Jaoji  MS Labasa Hospital

   54. Dr Maloni , Labasa Hospital

   55. Dr Shanil Sharma and Dr Shristi  and team Dreketi Health Centre.

   56. Dr Ashneel Seqaqa Health Centre.

   57. Mr Jonetani  Lasaqa , Lautoka Procurement office clearance .


Sai Ram All,
I am truly brought to the awareness that our Swami is always with us, whenever we are trying to do His work!
I did not requested for any BSL test strips, as I had boxes of them. But that cartoon that it was in was missing! For no reason sister Parvin brought enough of the strips to last us until the last day. To me that is enough a miracle for Swami to tell me that He is with us.

Swee Ching Leong

Sairam Anuraag
Thanks very much for the email. I enjoyed performing my volunteer tasks at the Sai medical camp. Thanks to you all for having trust in me. The four days went so fast. We learn to perform better everyday and hope next year it will be much better than 2019. Amazing I did not see any food wastage in the dinning hall. I have already bought some small kitchen items for next year.
Inservice with love

Indrani Hans

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the Sai Medical Camps. I thoroughly enjoyed this years camp, especially sharing with my sleeping buddy.
It has allowed me to forge friendships and relationships with people that I would otherwise never have met and allowed me to learn new things from a variety of people.
I have taken away some treasured memories of the experience and have chatted with many about it, my mother asked me to go and talk to her multicultural choir, so I was able to share some of my photos and stories with them. Most of my work colleagues are very interested also in what I did and were keen to listen to the stories and see my photos.
I think the camps are amazingly run, with a fantastic group of volunteers each bringing their own skills and expertise to the camp.


Sai Ram Anuraag and Team Leaders,
I express my gratitude to you all and Swami for the incredible, fulfilling experience that I have been fortunate enough to experience yet again this year .
It certainly elevates me to a different level , in all domains of service rendering, friendship, fun sharing and a feeling of closeness to Baba, knowing that I am being blessed by him .
And for these I would love to go again and again .
Extra special on its own is connecting with the humble , simple people of Labasa , and giving them a small part of me to possibly make the slightest difference in their wellbeing .
It’s so magical to witness the way all involved ,conduct themselves in the name of Serve All and Love All .


The week long Medical Camp was a blissful experience for me spiritually and otherwise.
For me it was an opportunity to serve our beloved Swami and to get more acquainted to
my fellow Sai devotees and establish closer relationship with them.

Mata Prasad

Sai medical camp was a great experience to me. It offered a unique and fascinating inside into rural health care that I would ever experience before.
It’s an honour practicing with other health professional who were very successful in their own field. It was great pleasure being part of the team. I was very satisfied of what we able to do and very happy that we could utilise our skill to help underprivileged community.
By interactive with those underprivileged community I realised how fortunate we are. This realisation helped me to be more appreciative thankful and loving which will help me a lot with my daily living. I also felt satisfied that I am helpful. This was the first time that I felt happy, satisfied with who I am and what I am able to do. Overall, the Sai medical camp was a great experience for me and I would love to come back next year.

Hannah Zhang


Videos from Medical Students on their experiences of Sai MediCare Camp 2019

Report Compiled by:

Dr Parvinlata Ishri
Team Leader Sai MediCare Fiji
Joint-Convener Sai Medical Unit Australia
Dr Ashok Lodhia
Joint-Convener Sai Medical Unit Australia