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2013-volunteerIn service to the people of Fiji and to Sathya Sai Baba, the 7th Annual Sai Medical Camp took place with more volunteers and patients attending than ever before. Dr Gunu Naker (Project Manager) compiled a selection of feedback received from Volunteers and Participants in the 2013 Sai Medical Camp. Their feedback is given below:

Volunteers at the 2013 Sai Medical Camp
Volunteers at the 2013 Sai Medical Camp

Loving Sai Ram
I wish to thank the Swami within you for giving me the privilege of doing diabetes education. This came as a total surprise for me. Although I had done some preparation for the same prior our departure finally the night before I said to Swami – “Swami it is your work so I surrender all at your Lotus Feet!” I, being a very quiet person never imagined my mouth could talk so much … it was all Swami’s doing and for my EGO.

I had a lot of overwhelming surprises – firstly to see how prevalent this problem was – the readings we got almost made me jump out of my skin! Quite literally, it was unbelievably HIGH. And then my task was getting to know what was the reason for these present readings.

Some patients did not take medications, diet was not the right one, no need for exercise and regular follow ups was no big deal.

Why would people do the above??? What I realised was, that they had no idea what diabetes was. They had the definition of diabetes as a disease caused by EATING TOO MUCH SUGAR. They had no idea that lack of or absence of insulin was the main reason.

So looking back now I do realise the importance of education in the above.

A smiling lady and her daughter at the Sai Medical Camp
A smiling lady and her daughter at the Sai Medical Camp

I was giving information to a mother who was diabetic and her 16 yr old daughter was present so there was a need for this patients family to be involved as well. When I had finished what I could offer I asked if they had any questions? The student had listened with so much interest and she said she was doing a project on diabetes in school and this session had given her information that would help her.

Some of the patients even mentioned that now that knew what diabetes was and how to keep it in control they would go and inform others in their community because it will benefit them which was really encouraging for me as well.

I am hoping that through Swami’s guidance and blessings whatever little help I could offer, would help people change their ways so that they could have a better life.

Thank you Kindly

Medical staff listening to a mother with her child at the Sai Medical Camp
Medical staff listening to a mother with her child at the Sai Medical Camp

Dear Gunu-ji and all

I had an absolutely wonderful time … I only wish I had the time to sit down and synthesise all that I learned and experienced. Hopefully early next week I will send around some photos, also I will chase up some of the kids I meant to. I went straight to Melbourne to 2 full on conferences, so I have been absolutely flat out since the camp.

I will write down some thoughts in time, but also would like to have the data breakdown of the last 2 camps so we can make some sense of it all.

But in brief … wonderful and I look forward to next year immensely.

Mother and child attend the Sai Medical Camp
Mother and child attend the Sai Medical Camp

Dear Nadana and Gunu Sai Ram ‘All acts of service done to others are to be treated as service rendered to God” It appears to be another successful medical camp — successful in the sense that those serving were inspired by the exchange of love. The annual camp in essence facilitates the revelation of Gods love from the heart of each participant
In His service

Crowded outdoor triage at the Sai Medical Camp
Crowded outdoor triage at the Sai Medical Camp

Sai Ram Dear Gunu,

I returned with a feeling that was wholesome. To explain – through the medium of words – is something beyond my skill.

Wholesome, because it seemed to occupy every nook and corner of my thought kingdom. It kept telling me, what a Great thing it is, that you joined this group. Thank God for having been given this opportunity. Even when dealing with simple things, we humans are every ready to find fault with others. In Fiji, while on a mission, with so many aspects to deal with, so many of us comprising the team, with the majority not being blood relatives, and being on the move every day, we went through this mission without a single voice of dissent, without a trace of reluctance, from start to finish.

It was clearly a demonstration of ONE PERSON DOING IT ALL.

We are all privileged to share this DIVINE EXPERIENCE.

Thank you Swami

Obtaining the patient's records the Sai Medical Camp
Obtaining the patient’s records the Sai Medical Camp
Happy Volunteers at the Sai Medical Camp
Smiling Volunteers at the Sai Medical Camp